March Special: 2008 Fuji Dart 4300s

Creo Trendsetter 3244 Spectrum


max. image format
20 microns between 2 plates from different Trendsetters
Electrical Requirements:
200-208V/220V/230-240V, 50/60Hz
Imaging Speed:
max. image area
2400 dpi: 3 minutes
Imaging System:
infared laser diode
Maximum Line Screen:
240 lpi
Maximum Material Size:
Media Thickness:
plate: 6-16 mil
film: 7 mil
proof: 4 mil
Minimum Material Size:
Output Data:
thermal infared-sensitive aluminum plates or film
width: 108"
height: 62"
depth: 43"
weight: 1454 lbs
Proof Addressability:
1200 or 2400 dpi
Proof Density Uniformity:
<0.1 ROD (all positions, all colors, additional to the varability of the coating)
Proof Imaging Time:
4 color proof
4-up: 30 minutes
8-up: 50 minutes
Proof Manufacture Setup:
Proof Tone Reproduction:
halftone proof: 1%-99% at 175 lpi
Proofing Carrier Sheet Material Size:
4-page format: 22"x30" or 22"x26"
8-page format: 30"x40"
Proofing Donor Sheet Material Size:
4-page format: 23"x31"
8-page format: 31.25"x41.25"
Proofing Output:
the carrier sheet must be fed manually into a laminator (the laminator is not included with the Trendsetter Spectrum, but is supplied by the material manufacturer)
Proofing Process:
A material set consisting of 4 donor sheets (CMYK) and 1 carrier sheet is loaded manually in to the take up cassette. The cassette is inserted into the Spectrum recorder. The sheets are automatically fed in one after the other, processed and transported back to the cassette.
Proofing Repeatability:
<50 microns color to color
max. image format
5 microns between 2 plates from the same trendsetter
1200 or 2400 dpi
Suggested RIPs:
Brisque, Delta, Harlequin, Xenith
Thermal Head:
40 Watt