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DynaStrip Offers More
Meeting your needs today and tomorrow . There are two version of DynaStrip; "Compact" (up to 32"x32" - 760mm x 760mm) and "Full Size" ( unlimited format). Each is complete in its functionalities and represents the most advanced digital stripping solution available anywhere. DynaStrip places a limit on maximum output size in each version but keeps the feature set intact. You get the best possible price and have the possibility to upgrade to a higher version at anytime.

Visual & Intuitive Interface
DynaMo QuickLayout interface for the creation of imposition jobs in as little as 3 minutes
Manual stripping (look & feel) minimizing your staff learning time
WYSIWYG: Completely to scale layout
Multi-level windows for basic and advanced options
Easy source document & imposition index window
Page index mode: assigned pages are displayed in yellow
Raster Mode option: direct-layout page preview

Full Compatibility
DynaStrip® accepts DCS, EPS, PDF, PS, or TIFF files from over a hundred different
applications and from any platform.
Integrity of codes, comments, and dictionaries (including OPI, CIP3, etc.)
Automatic recognition of files and suggestion of application filters
Last-minute corrections without reindexing the entire job
Easy integration into popular workflows

Maximum Flexibility For Imposition
Full control of bleed, fanning, bottling, creep, and nesting
Ganging of different jobs and multiple page formats on a single flat
Step & repeat function
Customized marks and slug lines
Placement of any PostScript marks or color bars
Ability to fit pages with crossover image
Preps imposition template import
PressWise imposition template import

Maximum Flexibility For Output
Complete adjustments for press sheets and tiles (offset, anamorphic scaling, rotation)
Full control of image area (punch holes, side guides, gripper, tiling)
Selective printing of objects
Mock-up and distance tags
Multiple web support
Sorting by sheets, sides, colors, and tiles
Job ticket output module
Plate setups for the coupling of any plate with any output device

Object Idependence
Ability to place, scale, offset, rotate, and view any object with a click of the mouse
Different vertical and horizontal scaling of pages and sheets
Partial or total superimposition of pages
Saving of job, sheet, pagination pattern, output, and any object parameter templates

Color Layer Control
Composite or separation color environments
Color table building and color merging before file indexation (or on-the-fly)
Web growth compensation and adjustments for any individual color of any page (offset, scaling, rotation)

Real CTP Solution
There is no imposition job DynaStrip® cannot do. A simple job stays simple, but the most complex imposition can be achieved using advanced features (such as plate setups, sheet layers, multiple document lists, multiple pagination sequence, and individual color control).

DynaStream Automation Module
Using hot folders, DynaStream will fully automate the imposition process in your workflow.

DSIL (DynaStrip Imposition Language) Transfer information using DSIL, made available for interfacing with other applications (e.g., estimation software, in-house database).

Reliable customer support Dynagram
A fast growing company with a strong development team from the printing industry, has been offering electronic imposition solutions since 1994. You can rely on:

Fast development of new filters
3 months of free customer support (including any updates and new filters)
Annual support agreement.
On-line training and support

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