March Special: 2008 Fuji Dart 4300s

Eagle EagleRIP (Tier 2)


- enhanced PDF interpreting
- enhanced CID font support
- fully supports EPS files exported by InDesign
- supports third party intput plug-ins and device drivers, increasing openness and flexibility
- easy setup and configuration
- unlimited templates for different job parameter settings
- ultra-fast scalable and area selectable preview
- built-in automatic ganging
- file formats supported: PS, EPS, PDF and TIFF
- comprehensive device support (over 100 devices)
- support for all PostScript Type0, Type1, Type3, CID and TrueType fonts
- 9 selectable built-in screens
- password protected templates
- multiple CPU system support
- Accurate Gravure Screening
- FM/AM composite screening
Recommended System:
Pentium 4 / 2.4GHz
Windows 2000 Professional or Server
512MB RAM minimum
40GB hard drive minimum
ethernet capable
available PCI slot

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