March Special: 2008 Fuji Dart 4300s

Harlequin HQ 'B' (Windows) Large Format


Harlequin Screening Library
choose from a wide variety of dot shapes in the Harlequin screening library including round, euclidian and linear; Stochastic screens are available using the optional Harlequin Dispersed Screening (HDS)

Extra Levels Of Gray
prints more than 4000 shades of gray for maximum quality

Harlequin Precision Screening
HPS provides exceptional precision in the setting of screen angles and ruling frequency in order to eliminate moiré

store multiple device settings for resolution, laser intensity, screen ruling, spot function, angles and more

Multiple Inputs
publish on RIP as multiple "virtual printers" with unique settings

Intelligent Job Processing
overwrite or accept resolution, angles and spot instructions contained in each job

Simultaneous Input & Output
process multiple jobs simultaneously; as one file is input, another is interpreted and a third is ouput; the ouput device may run at full engine speed, without stopping between pages or jobs

provides easy to use tools tohelp linearize film and define dot-gain calibration profiles for devices, media type and individual color channels

Media Management
new media saving features allows you to gang single or multiple jobs across a flat to save film or proofing media

Multiple Language Support
RIP software available in English, German and Spanish
- FirstPROOF (client based previewing)
- Trap Pro (in-RIP trapping)
- Proofing Plug-In (drive most popular inkjets with about 90%-94% color accuracy)
- HDS (FM or Stochastic screening)
- TIFF/IT-P1 input
- TIFF/IT-P1 output
- CIP3
Recommended System:
Pentium 4 / 2.4GHz
Windows 2000 Professional or Server
1GB RAM minimum
60GB hard drive minimum
ethernet capable
available PCI slot

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Supported File Formats:
- PDF 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4
- PDF/X-1a:2001 & PDF/X-3:2002
- TIFF" 6
- DCS and DCS 2
- PostScript 1, 2 and 3
Supported Output Devices:
the Harlequin RIP drives many of the most common output devices on the market