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Harlequin TrapPro Option


TrapPro is a new optional trapping engine that uses the efficient Harlequin Display List to trap RLE (raster) objects. TrapPro uses the Harlequin rendering engine so it is accurate to the pixel. The application follows all the Adobe® PostScript® 3 in-RIP trapping standards and is extremely fast. TrapPro supports:

- Sliding Traps
- Automatically Narrows traps
- Trapping of image masks
- Feathering
- Mitered ends and joins
- Small object protection
- And more . . .

An object-based, automatic, in-RIP trapping solution, TrapPro eliminates production bottlenecks by optimizing digital workflow. TrapPro supports PostScript Language Level 3 (LL3) parameters as well as trapping capabilities not found in the LL3 specification. TrapPro settings can be defined in the RIP and/or controlled from front-end applications for enhanced workflow efficiency and maximum job throughput.

The actual traps can be previewed on screen using either the roam or highlight traps feature. This saves operator time and reduces material waste.