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Harlequin HQ Navigator RIP Manager


Features and Benefits  Navigator Rip Manager

Start with the components you need today. Add capabilities later as your needs grow. This philosophy adds value while protecting your initial investment.

Easy to Use
Graphical user interface is easy to understand and navigate. Operators are more productive the first day.

Cost Effective
Reduces wasted plates, paper, and redos. XiFlow typically pays for itself within 6 months.

Any workstation on the network becomes a window on the workflow. Operators no longer have to physically go to the RIP to make changes or see job progress.

Navigator GPS Options

Navigator RIP Manager PDF Option
The Navigator RIP Manager PDF option allows for greater control over PDF file management and will enable you to become an integral player as new standards develop and are implemented throughout our industry. The PDF option provides the ability to create and normalize PDFs from incoming PostScript files, making PDF the intermediate file format within the workflow, standardizing the process. Setups for Web, Screen, Print (laser/inkjet) and Press are part of the built-in configurations.

Also included are preflight tools utilizing the Enfocus PitStop library. These tools automatically flag/correct common errors found in PDF files using Xitron-provided or customer-created Enfocus PitStop Profiles and Action Lists.

RIP Manager Viewer Plus
Viewer Plus adds enhanced functionality to the standard RIP Manager viewer. Grid overlays assist operators in determining element positions on plate or film, while a densitometer and screen angle calculators serve to verify ink densities and halftone angles. Viewer Plus also includes a measurement tool to calculate the distance between two defined points on the screen (useful with step & repeat) and enhanced image navigation.

Xitron offers the Viewer Plus option is a site license. Therefore, once enabled, all users on the system have access to these enhanced features.

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Supported Output Devices:
the Harlequin RIP drives many of the most common output devices on the market