March Special: 2008 Fuji Dart 4300s

Lucid Dreams Trapping I-Trap


Lucid Dream Software, Inc., a leading developer of cutting-edge software for enhancing prepress and production workflows presents I-Trap" High quality, raster based trapping.

I-Trap offers both automated in-RIP and interactive trapping in a single easy-to-use, off-the-shelf package. Ideal for all size print shops, I-Trap simplifies operations, increases productivity, and achieves high-quality trapping-all at a cost-effective price.

I-Trap is the only product on the market that integrates with Harlequin and Founder RIPs for automatic trapping while also delivering feature-rich interactive trapping. I-Trap automatic trapping provides an "upgrade" to any vendor's ScriptWorks® RIP or EagleRIP® and enables trapping as an in-RIP technology for both PostScript® and PDF workflows.

I-Trap also provides interactive trapping that is started automatically by the ripped job. The interactive viewing/trapping application can run on the rip station, a remote machine, or both - providing the following technological solutions for easy use:
· "Trap on the Fly" provides the unique possibility to immediately view trapped results in a selected area using the current trap settings.
· Fast full color display with ink selection, scrolling, zooming, and panning.
· Complete Page info with floating densitometer and positioning information.
· Unique Graphical Configuration tool for editing ink-based trapping parameters using a clear intuitive slider representation of the values.
· Support for individual trapping parameters for each page in multi-page jobs.
· Zone Trapping tool with individual trapping parameters for each zone.
· Image and gradient trapping controls.
· Small feature and special case trapping controls.
· Powerful Ink Remapping tool.
I-Trap Viewer uses a highly compressed raster format but can also work with other I/O graphic formats such as TIFF/IT P1 and Delta. Using a plug-in technology I-Trap provides additional output formats including screened 1-bit TIFF and PDF/X.

A free Macintosh OS X version of the I-Trap "Pre-Viewer" opens jobs ripped on a PC, with all of the functions of the full Viewer Tool - saving back to the licensed station for final trapping. Click here for additional information, guides, presentations & downloads.