XY Axis Scanners

Screen Cezanne


Density Max:
Electrical Requirements:
100-230V, 50/60Hz, 0.2 kW
Light Sensor:
3-line CCD array, 8000 elements/line
Maximum Input Size:
continuous tone: 13.4"x20.9"
lineart: 13.0"x20.9"
Maximum Resolution:
continuous tone: 5300 dpi
lineart: 2000 dpi
Media Thickness:
up to 1" (including original retaining plate)
Original Type:
reflective originals: color, b/w lineart, gray-scale
transparencies: color positive, color negative, b/w lineart, gray-scale
OS Compatibility:
Mac only
Output Data:
CMYK: 32-bit
RGB: 48-bit
gray-scale: 8-bit
Output File Formats:
TIFF, EPS, DCS, Scitex CT, JPEG (for RGB, gray), YCC (for Kodak photo CDs)
width: 55.6"
height: 12.7"
depth: 26.7"
weight: 160.6 lbs
54 scans per hour (35 mm @ 350 dpi and 400% magnification)
47 scans per hour (6 cm x 7 cm @ 300 dpi and 250% magnification)
Scanner Type:
desktop scanner