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SilverFast SilverFast AI/Studio


OS Compatibility:
PC & Mac
SilverFast Ai scanner software sets a new standard for ease of control and sophistication for Desktop-Scanners (film and flatbed). SilverFast Ai is high-end scan and imaging software from LaserSoft Imaging which is now available for more than 250 scanners and Digital Cameras under Mac (also OS-X), Windows 95, 98, 2000, and Windows XP operating systems. SilverFast Ai combines a very intuitive user interface with a sophisticated and professional scanner and image control. Beginners and professionals will appreciate the unique real-time controls and the intelligent automatic functions as well as the possibility to manually adjust the image at any point. Predictable color from the SilverFast Ai preview gives imaging and color reproduction a new dimension securing the correct workflow with the ScanPilot. The professional user can adjust any operation via numerical input and can precisely monitor the results using an online densitometer. SilverFast Ai enables any level of user to get brilliant results quickly!

Scanners Supported:
- Howtek D4000, D4500 and 7500
- Linotype-Hell (Heidelberg) Topaz, Topaz II, Topaz IX

Coming Soon . . . Support for:
- Linotype-Hell (Heidelberg) Nexscan, Tango, Primescan and Chromagraph

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